Capturing the Supernatural


Are you ready to experience healing right here, right now?

Most of us believe (or want to believe) that God still shows up in miraculous ways - that He supernaturally intervenes in our lives.  But how come it always seems to happen to someone else, often in some far-away place?  This book will uplift and inspire you to believe not only that divine healing happens today, but that it's happening far more often than you might imagine.

As you read these well-documented stories of supernatural healing you will find your faith growing.  Along the way you will gain fresh insight and instruction on key principles that may play a role in you receiving your healing.

Get ready to be encouraged and blessed as you read these candid, unfiltered accounts of supernatural healings.

"This is a timely message for the bride of Christ! Each chapter is a journey from pain to victory. I believe that the reader will not only experience God's healing power, but they will also find that they are living at a new level of faith. This book truly captures the supernatural. It’s destined to be a classic!"
-Patrick Schatzline, Author of Why Is God So Mad at Me?; I Am Remnant; and Unqualified: Where You Can Begin to be Great.

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  • From the Stories

    "My arm is burning! It’s on fire! I can’t see it but I can feel it all over me! I am fully, entirely, completely healed!"
    John Burton
    Charisma Media Contributor

    "Mom felt a hand touch her shoulder, shooting a bolt of electricity through her body. The cancer never came back!"
    Bill Yount
    Elijah List Contributor

    "His presence swallowed up all my pain, fatigue, and dejection."
    Pastor Greg Bogart

    "God supernaturally and sovereignly delivered me from obesity and obesity-related diseases, an addiction that had kept me in prison my entire life."
    Pastor Kathy Hill

    "My mom fell to the floor in disbelief that her son, who had been in a coma, was awake and talking to her."
    Pastor Gary Auten

    "Sam sat up! Here is a man who, moments before, was semi-comatose; now he is looking us in the eyes and receiving Jesus as his Savior."
    Dr. Micheal Spencer

Capturing the Supernatural

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