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What is Capturing the Supernatural?


Supernatural (adjective): A word used to describe an attribute of God. We are capturing (grasping/reporting on) what God is supernaturally doing in the lives of ordinary people around the world. We are discovering God’s creative handiwork outside the four walls of the church!

  • All forms of supernatural media: We are called to display the amazing works of God through all forms of relevant media.
  • Stories from around the world: We will report on some of the most captivating stories on earth, finding God in the most unusual places.
  • Ignite: Our team will ignite the church and the hearts of those who don’t know Him.
  • Mentorship: Capturing the Supernatural will invest into the next generation.
This is why Capturing the Supernatural exists—to document the amazing power of God working all over the world. Displaying how our extraordinary God is working through ordinary people like you and me.


How Capturing the Supernatural Began:

I have been connected with publishing and writing since 1999. In September 2009 we started a publishing company and our responsibility has been to establish authors through international book publications. With that role, one delightful privilege I have is listening to some of the most unforgettable stories about God's divine goodness and miraculous intervention from believers around the world. In 2014 I developed an urgency to find a way to truly capture a person's story, but the big problem I faced was that not all stories belong in a book; some are better communicated through other media platforms. I needed to find a better way to get these amazing stories to the world. So I turned to God and for twenty-one days in September of 2014 I spent the morning hours in prayer and then went in to work later on in the day. But for twenty days the answer still eluded me and nothing really stood out to give me any further direction.

On the twenty-first day, as I finished my prayer time and began to go through my daily routine, I suddenly went into an open vision. Before me appeared an old video projector reel on its side moving at a super-fast speed. On the video frames were images of many known and unknown people; some who I recognized as church leaders and "generals" of our time. As the reel continued, a fascinating array of video clips, pictures, and details of the lives of each of these leaders could be viewed within the frames on the reel. There was so much information being transferred that I couldn't take it all in! The life story of each person was being shared--all at once. At this moment the Lord spoke to me and said, "Do you see these people? These are generals of your time. Their time is about to pass."

Then the reel stopped on the image of an older man and grew larger in front of me. I instantly recognized this person (who is still alive today) because of the many years that he devoted to his calling and ministry. Suddenly the picture of this person went flying off of the reel and right into my heart. At that moment God asked me, "Who will capture My supernatural?" I knew that this was a mandate for my life and that this call would go far beyond just publishing books--but capturing miraculous stories from many people's lives through all forms of media. This is how Capturing the Supernatural began!

In 2015, the first Capturing the Supernatural book project was released, Healed: Present-Day Stories of Divine Healing and How It Happens. Now, in 2017, we are into our third year of planning the ministry, and since that time we have developed the vision into a non-profit with a team in place ready to carry the creative works of God throughout the earth.

We believe that every person has a story of God's handiwork and miraculous intervention. Our mandate is to get those stories out to the world to bring faith and hope to a generation that needs it desperately.

Will you help us capture the supernatural?


About Andy and Cathy Sanders

Andy is an international writer for venues that include Charisma Media, Ministry Today, The Elijah List, The Morning Star Journal, Identity Network, Spirit Fuel, and the Oak Initiative. He has been involved with writing and the publishing industry since 1999. The founder of a successful publishing house, Andy was the first publisher of The Passion Translation (now with BroadStreet). He has built twelve publishing houses for other churches and ministries. As of 2019, Andy has been preaching for twenty-six years. He carries both a prophetic and leadership-type message to the church. He carries a masters and a doctorate in Christian education, graduating with honors. Andy has been married to Cathy for twenty-five years, and their family resides in New York.

About Cathy Sanders: Cathy is a traveling psalmist and anointed worship leader. Having produced three albums, her music has been played on the radio for over six years in the northeast. She is also a prolific writer who has authored or coauthored five books. Cathy carrys masters and doctorate degrees in Christian education from Freedom Seminary, graduating with honors. Cathy and Andy reside in Syracuse, New York, with their two children. Their whole family is active in the community and enjoy running and other outdoor activities.


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