America: A recipe for the Next Civil War

by Andy Sanders

I am not a big news fan at this stage in my life. I go online and read a few articles here and there, and then I am out of the loop and on to something else. As of late, it is becoming quite obvious that there are some very serious tensions rising within our country on the topics of race, hate, honor, and all the subjects in between.  As a result, some people end up doing things to incite violence. Of course, the extremists within our American media just love this moment. They are using every tool and resource that they have right now to agitate and continue to fuel this raging fire within our country.

I will agree with the radical left on one thing—there are some white racists within our country. But some of the left radicals have taken it too far lately. It is one thing to be a racist—one who hates a person because of their color. It is another thing to be someone who loves the heritage of your own country. The two are completely different. Being called a racist simply because you may disagree with a certain point of view can be painful. And, to add more tension and hurt to the scenario, there is nothing like being called a racist (one who hates) from someone within your own church community who knows you well enough to know that deep inside you are not. This is the greater concern I have for America today; it is the breakdown of our American churches over the color of our skin, political viewpoints, and matters of the heart that should not matter when we are all one in Christ. When tense words and feelings are exchanged over political view points within the body of Christ we end up dishonoring each other. Satan divides and wounds; he is always seeking out ways to dishonor. If Satan had one spear aimed at the American church right now, the spear would have the word “dishonor” written on it. As believers who are mature in the Lord, we must put a stop to any activity around us that attempts to disrupt or dishonor our brothers and sisters in the Lord.

There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to one hope when you were called; 5 one Lord, one faith, one baptism; 6 one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all. Ephesians 4:4-6 NIV

And Now To the Recipe of Disaster, the Next Civil War

A former prosecuting attorney once told me years ago that one thing he learned from all of the years he worked within the courtrooms of our country is that any person will do anything under the right amount of pressure. He explained to me that he remembers story after story about how good, sometimes, Christian people would snap under the right amount of pressure and do some of the most bizarre, hideous crimes on earth. Some good people under the right amount of pressure will do some of the most uncanny things. Potentially, we are drawing close to these moments in America. If this hate-fueled tension in our land doesn’t subside, unfortunately, some of our good American citizens could potentially snap and actually start fighting back in ways that could be even more detrimental to the current state of our country. Sadly, America is growing ripe for a civil war.

Believe it or not, there are some good people in our country who truly love and welcome foreign people of all colors. There are many good citizens in this country who work hard all day and sometimes in their spare time, adopt foreign children, go on mission trips, assist the homeless of all colors, and choose to honor their neighbor regardless of their skin tone or nationality. The past two hurricanes (Harvey and Irma) have proven this. Look at the amount of good people in America of all color and backgrounds give toward the relief efforts and also go to these places to donate countless weeks of their time. This is the real America; who we really are.

After a hard working week, some of these same individuals want to know that those who live within their communities are also good, honoring citizens; contributors to our society in a moral way. For example, the majority of the people in this country honored the previous presidents, regardless, and also want to honor our current president. In fact, I will take it a step further, the majority of our country wants to honor our American flag and the freedom it represents. How do I know this? I see it every week. At the start of every athletic event our kids compete in High school, we take a moment to honor our American flag. To this day, I have yet to see one person go to their knee to dishonor what our flag represents. And, these are kids; they are free playing individuals who have no contracts yet, love the game they play and the country they live in. And, these amazing kids and parents understand the power of honor so well that they would even tolerate it if someone chooses to dishonor our country by dishonoring our American flag before a school game. Now, let’s talk about some other individuals for a moment. For some within this country right now, this type of continued “radical behavior”(dishonoring our president and American Flag) can, unfortunately, push some good American citizens over the edge. It is here, we now have a recipe for the next civil war.

If a person continues to kick someone into a corner, they are either going to endure getting kicked until they die or they are going to reach their breaking point and start kicking back. This is where we are right now in America, and if our cities continue to be burned, our heritage continues to be tampered with—along with the blatant rebellion and disrespect rising toward American culture—the outcome will generate the perfect atmosphere for a soon civil war. I am deeply concerned about how much more America can withstand. How much more time do we really have before the good people within America just can’t take it anymore and they snap and start fighting back just as aggressive as the other side?  What’s going to happen if thousands on both sides start marching out against each other? Eventually, if something doesn’t stop the political and racial divide within our country, we can possibly be the generation that witnesses the next civil war in America.

America Is One of the Most Generous Countries on Earth

America is one of the most racially diverse and free countries in the entire world. We have fought against the evils of communism and socialism, poverty, international hate crimes, tyranny, enslavement of children, women and all people more than any other country on earth. We allow virtually anyone to come into our country with open arms, regardless of whether or not they care enough to contribute a positive effort to our American work force. Literally, we are the only country that will allow a foreign person to arrive; move in; and apply for health insurance, food assistance, and school care; along with assistance on phones, transportation, and legal counsel within months of arriving. This is the level of generosity and integrity America chooses to show every individual who arrives on our land. We love and respect, regardless of the motives.
Like most of you reading this right now, I don’t want to see intense racial fighting in our streets; I don’t want something like a civil war to ever happen.  The only way a civil war will be stopped in our time will be when Christians of all colors stand together with love and pray for our country. What stops America from falling over the edge right now is the power and presence of Christ working through His church, you and me! If the church is divided and not united, then America will follow the same pattern. We must set aside our political differences and unify all across this country. As the body of Christ, we must start fighting together by showing those who choose to hate how to love.

Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong (1 Corinthians 16:13 NIV).

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