Endorsements for Andy and Cathy Sanders

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“There are very few people I have ever met who carry such a powerful mantle as our friends Andy and Cathy Sanders! I have watched God use them as ministers and authors in an amazing way. I highly recommend this couple to all those desperate for more of Jesus. They are people of honor, holiness, and purpose. They are nation shakers!”
Patrick Schatzline, Evangelist & Author, Remnant Ministries Intl.
“Andy Sanders is a growing prophetic voice who often has timely words for the body of Christ.”
Steve Shultz, Founder of The Elijah List
“I have known Andy and Cathy Sanders for many years. It has been a God-ordained connection, because Andy has spoken prophetically into my life many times with amazing results. We have ministered together and witnessed the Holy Spirit flowing freely. Andy has a strong prophetic anointing to write and minister to the body of Christ and Cathy definitely has a minstrel anointing to worship and break the heavens open over churches and regions. I highly recommend this couple to minister in your church and gatherings.”
Bill Yount, Elijah List Contributor, Blowing the Shofar Ministry
“We are so grateful for the expertise and blessing Andy and Cathy Sanders have been to us! We have found them to be nothing but professional. You can trust them to lead you on the right path.”
Dr. Brian Simmons, Lead Translator of The Passion Translation
“Andy and Cathy have a fresh, spiritually charged ministry that gets me and many others excited about the life, love, and power of God.”
John Burton, Charisma Media Contributor and Author
“Andy’s prophetic writings have ignited a deeper thirst for spiritual hunger and passion to thousands of readers. The same passion and hunger will be evident among your congregation when he ministers at your church or conference event.”
Joel Yount, Managing Member of Spirit Fuel
“I highly recommend Andy Sanders as an anointed speaker for your church, conference, or gathering. I found Andy to be a man of integrity with a heart that runs intensely after God. He is uniquely anointed in his calling as a prophetic teacher and he is able to clearly and distinctly interpret and present the Word of God, bringing forth a revelatory and life-changing message. His ability to hear from God reveals how well he flows with the Holy Spirit when ministering. His love for people and for the kingdom will charge the atmosphere of your meeting, resulting in a platform for supernatural signs, wonders, and miracles to come forth. I have seen the sharpness and accuracy in his prophetic gifting as he prays and ministers to individuals. Again, I highly recommend Andy. You will be blessed by his ministry!”
Brian Lake, Evangelist/Lead Pastor of Keepers of the Flame Church
“Andy Sanders is a masterpiece! He works with people to help empower, create, and put them on the road to destiny. His work in the publishing industry has set the standard high above the rest! His writings are not for the weak at heart, but for those who truly desire change and elevation. I highly recommend this man of God!”
Jeremy Lopez, Founder of IdentityNetwork.net
“Andy is an anointed writer with the ability to clearly articulate timely messages to the body of Christ. His writings are always fresh and relevant, and his heart for hearing what the Spirit is saying is clearly evident. His material inspires me to write and to press in for ‘meat in due season.’”
Emilie Leal, Managing Editor, Morningstar Publications
“Andy is a real person serving a real God. In and out of the pulpit, Andy is very likable and it causes his listeners to draw close to what he has to share. He carries a ‘now word’ for your life and your church. Andy and Cathy both are big thinkers with corresponding actions that will cause pastors and their congregations to want to achieve higher levels for the kingdom. I highly recommend Andy and Cathy Sanders.”
Pastor Danny Thornton, River of Life Family Church, Syracuse, NY
“Andy Sanders is an amazing lover of Jesus who lives to be a blessing to others. He has personally catapulted me into multiple arenas of favor. I know that God’s hand is on him, his ministry, and his family, and so I wholeheartedly recommend your attention and partnership to him.”
Caleb Hyers, The Elijah List and Spirit Fuel Contributor, Florida
“A tremendous ministry and professional group of anointed people!”
Dr. Michael Spencer, Horseheads, NY
“Andy has been on the frontiers of media, stewarding heaven through many different and creative expressions. He carries the Father’s heart, a desire for the supernatural to be normal, and precise prophetic insight. I would recommend Andy to speak at your church or event.”
Brian Orme
“I thank God for the anointing covering the ministry of Andy and Cathy Sanders. They truly represent the Lord Jesus Christ with humility, love, and sincerity. Cathy is a true psalmist as a praise and worship leader. Andy’s depth of the Word of God and accuracy of prophecy are impressive to say the least.”
Pastor Joe Buzzanco, Senior Pastor, Triumphant Life Church, Erie, PA
“I have had the opportunity to get to know Andy and Cathy and recognize their spiritual giftings. In our Sunday service, Cathy shared her ministry in music and Andy preached a word that was timely and on target with what God is doing in our church at this time. Their ministry was well received and was a source of encouragement. God’s hand is on this precious couple and He will use them and their giftings to minister. They have a hunger for the heart of God. I recommend their ministry to you and your congregation.”
Pastor Michael Modica, Assemblies of God Presbyter and Pastor, Deland, Florida
“We have known Cathy to be a very responsible and honorable Christian lady. She has a strong commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. Cathy’s commitments are to the Lord Jesus and her husband and now her family.”
Don Gifford, Indiana District Assembly of God Superintendent
“Cathy Sanders’ music is a compelling invitation calling everyone into the private chambers of the King of Kings. Both the weary and the mighty will find deeper access to the Father’s heart as Cathy’s gift for transparent worship fills the room around you.”
Faith Mascato, Pastor/Counselor, Syracuse, NY

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