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"Andy Sanders is a growing prophetic voice who often has timely words for the body of Christ."
Steve Shultz, The Elijah List,

"Andy's prophetic writings have ignited a deeper thirst for spiritual hunger and passion to thousands of readers with his writings that have appeared on Spirit Fuel. The same passion and hunger will be evident among your congregation when he ministers at your church or conference event."
Joel Yount, Managing Member of Spirit Fuel,

"Andy Sanders is a masterpiece! He works with people to help empower, create, and put them on the road to destiny. His work in the publishing industry has set the standard high above the rest! His writings are not for the weak at heart, but for those who truly desire change and elevation. I highly recommend this man of God!"
Jeremy Lopez, Founder of, Prophetic Resource Website

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Andy Sanders' Article featured on Charisma Magazine:

Prophecy for 2019: God Is Releasing Strong Anointing to Write on Prophets, Psalmist

Andy's Articles:

Ministry Today:
3 Major Cracks That Will Damage Your Church
The Most Important Word Ministers Will Ever Hear

God's Supernatural Strategy to Heal a Politically Divided Church


Prophecy: America's Spirit Won't Be Broken
God Is Releasing Healing Oil and Power to Bear Your Burdens- by Andy Sanders and Bill Yount

Prophecy Over the President: 'I've Released a Flaming Torch That Will Go Before You'

Prophecy: God Is Healing Christian Relationships This Fall Season

Prophecy for 2019: God Is Releasing Strong Anointing to Write on Prophets, Psalmist

Warning Dream: Witches Are on the Loose in Church

Prophetic Warning Dream Reveals Why You Need to Pray for President Trump

Prophetic Warning Dream for American Church: Beware the Capsized Ship

The Spirit Told Me: 'My Baptism of Fire Was Never Meant to Stop'

The Most Important Ingreditent to a Truly Spirit-Led Mind

The Oak Initiative:
Racism-The South Gate will Soon Open
Carved within the Cultures of Society-Christianity Cannot Be Erased

Christians: The Glue between Black and Blue

The Three Trumpets under Trump

America: A Recipe for the Next Civil War (Not available on Oak Initiative website yet. Click title to read the article)


The Morning Star Journal: (visit to order copies)

* These articles are in the Morning Star Journal as well as other places online. Links below may lead to other venues.

My Kingdom Come, My Courts Be Done - April 2016

Stephen King, Where Art Thou - October 2016


Elijah List:

2016: My Kingdom Come, My Courts Be Done!

God is Releasing His Fire Starters in America and the Nations

The Trajectory of God Is Changing Everything on Earth

This Fall: Bridges of Most Unusual Connections Are Starting

"I Am Awakening the Global Church! Every Part is Important!"

Pastor's Wives: No Longer Figurines Set on Display by the Church

A Year of Shock Therapy is Coming on the Earth

The Year of the Harp, the Pen, the Paintbrush, and the Dancing Shoes by Andy Sanders and Bill Yount

God Says, "America's Spirit Will Not Be Broken"

"Fruit-Bearing Intimacy is Coming...and Millennials Take Your Place Among the Generations!"

"I Am Setting Fire to My Millennials"

Fall 2017- Enter into an Early Harvest

Cuba: The Castro Regime Will Come to an End and the Gulf Coast Will Ignite!

"I Am Restoring Honor and Humility Back to My Church"

Overcoming Political Chaos! The Weapon of Spiritual Warfare

2019: The Church is Entering a Groundbreaking Year
Identity Network:

Patterns of Presence

Stephen King Where Art Thou?

Honor: The Make-or-Break Ingredient for Your Future

Unscalable Walls Will Crumble Before Your Eyes

God Doesn't Want a Christian Nation on Paper; A Christian People by Heart

Windows of Perfect Timing and Divine Opportunity are Opening for God's People

Spirit Fuel:

God is harnessing the POWER within YOU! (America’s Bible Harness)

Crossing over to Divine Healing

Over Twenty Years--A Prophecy Now Fulfilled

When God's Presence Pursues You

Kingdoms Will Rise; Kingdoms Will Fall

Unraveling the Religious Church in America

Bee Hive or Hornet's Nest: I Am Revealing the HEART of the Matter before 2018 by Andy Sanders and Stephen Lewis


Cathy's Articles:

Ministry Today:

Ending the Battle between Pastors and Worship Leaders


How You May Be Destroying Your Worship Ministry


How to Raise Up Spiritually Mature Worship Leaders


Why Worship Leaders Need Lots of Time to Wait on God


3 Things to Keep in Mind When Recruiting Worship Team Members


Spirit Fuel:

Resonating the Sound of Heaven

Worship: The Determination to See Your Breakthrough


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