Publishing and Writing


Spirit-Led Publishing & Writing Seminars

Topics Include:

  • The Writing Process: From beginning to end, what you must know
  • Contract Terms and Definitions: Know what you are signing
  • Different Types of Publishers: Which one is the right one for you
  • Marketing & Advertising: What it takes to get a book out there
  • Question & Answer Time

About Andy Sanders:

In 2018, Andy has been preaching for twenty-five years. He is an international writer with a prophetic and leadership-type teaching style. He has been involved with writing and the publishing industry since 1999. Writing venues include Charisma Media, Ministry Today, The Elijah List, The Morning Star Journal, Identity Network, Spirit Fuel, and the Oak Initiative. Andy was the founder and owner of a successful publishing house and was the first publisher for The Passion Translation which is now published by BroadStreet Publishing Group. Andy carries a masters and doctorate in Christian education from Freedom Seminary, graduating with honors. Andy and his family reside in Syracuse, New York.

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Let Andy Sanders, an amazing writer and former publisher himself be your teacher for your first book. God has gifted Andy to show you “the ropes,” the pitfalls, the must-dos, and the please don’ts. You’re on your way!
— Steve Shultz
Founder, The Elijah List and ELIJAHStreams TV and author of Can’t You Talk Louder, God?

We are so grateful for the expertise and blessing Andy Sanders has been to us! We have found him to be nothing but professional. You can trust him to lead you on the right path.
— Dr. Brian Simmons
Translator of The Passion Translation
(Andy was the first publisher for The Passion Translation which is now published by BroadStreet Publishing Group.)

"Finally, a map on how to write a book for powerful voices yet to be heard!" That is exactly what I thought when my friend, Andy Sanders, told me about his new book, The Spirit-Led Publishing and Writing Handbook. This book is a map for future prophetic authors. It will serve as a guide to everyone that has ever heard God say, “Write a book for Me!”
— Karen Schatzline
International conference speaker and author of Dehydrated: Find Refreshment and Hope for Your Soul and coauthor of Rebuilding the Altar: A Bold Call for a Fresh Encounter with God. Cofounder of Remnant Ministries International,

Oh, the frustration and stress I would have been spared if I could have had this training years ago. Andy's knowledge of writing and the publishing industry will take your writing into the arena of a must read. Don’t think about writing a book until you have received this training. Your pen will thank you!
— Bill Yount
Speaker and author of The Power of Real: Transparent Prophetic Encouragement,

Andy’s passion and desire to help Spirit-led writers comes at this perfect time in history when God is downloading content that needs to be made into books! Grab hold of the book inside of you and make it become a reality!
— Joel Yount
Cofounder of Spirit Fuel,

Drawing upon years of experience, Andy Sanders presents a relevant and relatable guide to the world of writing and publishing that uniquely blends spiritual vision with practicality.
— Emilie Plowman
Managing Editor, Morningstar Ministries,


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